Former WWE Star Goes On Facebook Rant & New Job Revealed

Former WWE, TNA, WCW and ECW amateur wrestler Big Vito posted the following rant on Facebook last week.

I gotta say something here. To all my boys out there, I love you guys. We can go back and forth on facebook, but, when people go on about me, for talking shit and wrestling. I GOTTA TELL YOU, IT MAKES ME SICK. My friends in Florida who I talk to , you know who you are, I love you guys. To my boys back here in Jersey, and pa. I love you guys. We bust on each other here, and its ok, I have no ill towards NO ONE. I have given wrestling 22 years of my life. No one can tell me I did not earn it. I have helped and made some nice friends here. I love you all. When some one goes on twitter and bashes me, and dosent know Vito J. LoGrasso, you need to check your mouth. Good day, bad day, I help all. To people who rant, on twitter and say shit. Kiss my ass you sorry son of a bitch. To those, on the wrestling scene who never took the time to know me, stick it in your ass. I have given more then most. We all joke. In jest. But to those who say shit and talk out there ass. Go accomplish something in life. Have a career. Do something for others. Help charities.GO MAKE A FAMILY. I have another career, in business. Doing very well. Wrestling is not everything. I learned this. if you hold a grudge from 12 years ago and you do a shoot interview, thank you, for making me important and the fact that you could never beat me, much less hang with me. Get over it. I bad mouth no one. Shit people say today, and I dont even talk in the wrestling circles with marks or no one in specific, Kiss my ass. If you had a set when you were in the ring with me, you would have done your business, But, YOU DID NOT HAVE THE BALLS. I am sorry to say this on here, but some people are just assholes in life and live on the internet. Good nite.

Big Vito is now working as a car salesman at a Chrysler dealership in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. The dealership has actually released a new “promotional poster” which says “Help Us Welcome Our New Sales Associate…. Former WWE, TNA, WCW and ECW superstar Big Vito”.