Former WWE Star Says John Cena Insisted On Losing To Bray Wyatt On SmackDown

On this week’s edition of X-Pac 12360, former WWE star Sean “X-Pac” Waltman talked about being backstage at SmackDown LIVE on Tuesday in Anaheim, California and having a conversation with AJ Styles about John Cena while he was there.

Waltman said, “He [AJ Styles] came up and he went, ‘I was watching your show’ and he goes, ‘I just wanted to tell you what you said about John Cena being the man and the best going, you’re a hundred percent correct.’ He goes, ‘Anyone that doesn’t agree with you, it’s because they don’t really know John Cena and have never been in the ring with him.’”

Waltman also talked about this week’s SmackDown LIVE main event between Bray Wyatt, Cena and Styles in a Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship, which saw Wyatt hit Cena with the Sister Abigail for the win. According to Waltman, Cena insisted on putting Wyatt over again after losing the WWE Championship to him on Sunday at Elimination Chamber on Sunday.

“I’m not sure what the finish was supposed to be for the match last night,” Waltman said. “But I know this for a fact, that John Cena insisted on putting Bray Wyatt over again last night, insisted on it. That’s not just a rumor.”

  • Boss

    Cena touts MY TIME IS NOW, but clearly putting guys like AJ Styles over & now Bray Wyatt he knows his time is up. He’s doing the honorable thing and trying to MAKE new stars. He did the same for Punk, Bryan & Ziggler. Granted Ziggler went no where but it worked for Punk & Bryan they rose to the top of WWE.

    • WWE Creative

      I am sure Cena is a good person and is willing to put over talent. But him winning the belt at the Royal Rumble was pointless.

      • wwe5

        I think winning the belt was to add to his successful career when he gets inducted to the hall of fame maybe next yr or a few years from now

      • arlowoodenhead

        winning the belt allows Cena to put Wyatt over even more by losing it to him. Not that Wyatt needed it, but he certainly deserves it.

    • Mizz

      Vince is the one that was high on AJ, not the other way around. AJ could easily get over without winning against him lmao. Matches speak for themselves .