Former WWE Star Says WWE Will Punish If You Get Over, “Muscle Marks” Run WWE & More

Former WWE star Armando Estrada took to social media to discuss the Royal Rumble ending and fans being upset about Daniel Bryan not being in the match. As previously reported, Shane Helms and Lance Storm also expressed their opinions. Here is what they wrote:

Armando Estrada: “It amazes me how much a company constantly ignores the feedback/suggestions of its customers! #Terribleforbusiness I hope @WWEDanielBryan doesn’t get @ZackRyder treatment. Aka ZackRydered. #nohaha The fans in Pittsburgh clearly voiced their displeasure with the booking of the last sequence of the match. Hopefully @wwe is listening. You’re not allowed to get over in @Wwe unless they want you to. If you do, you can and will be punished. Has happened to many over the years”

Shane Helms: “Hey WWE I’m not trying to be rude but the crowd seems to really want Daniel Bryan. Juuuuuuust MAFAKIN Saying!! Geez. Fans, don’t blame Rey. He didn’t book this. Sadly WWE is still run by “Muscle Marks.” It is what it is folks. Roman Reigns is going to be an even bigger star now though. But Batista makes the roster stronger. He’s a star no doubt. Plus, he’s a great human being. Trust me! I wanted to see Daniel Bryan out there too!! Don’t confuse the issue. In my mind, he’s the most over guy in the biz right now.”

Lance Storm: “I don’t understand why everyone is so upset, considering they got exactly what was advertised and everyone predicted. #RoyalRumble @WWEDanielBryan was not advertised in the Rumble, no one booked in other matches on PPV were booked in the Rumble it was promoted that way. The current @WWEDanielBryan situation reminds me of Jerry Lynn vs RVD in ECW. By having him lose fans got more behind him “New F’N Show”

If you want to send a message Chanting won’t do it. Watch only @WWEDanielBryan segments on RAW, turn other segs off. That’s a message. I’m a huge fan of @WWEDanielBryan I’m just pointing out that chanting and bitching online isn’t the way to accomplish what you want.”

  • Trainwreck

    Two things you can do to make WWE realise they’re getting it all wrong.
    1) Lance Storm’s idea
    2) Simple watch TNA – You don’t have to watch it, just have the channel on, just give them viewers. Can guarantee if TNA’s viewers start to shoot up they will act. From what I can see they’re getting about 1.2 (really not sure how in work in the US), are we saying if everyone puts their TV on the channel we couldn’t get that to 2 or somewhere near?
    If TNA got that, then Vince would crap himself…

  • charovnica

    Batista may be a great guy,but he is also a guy that in 6 months will leave again. Why not put over someone new instead of winning a spot at WM…especially when there are perfectly fine young stars.

  • Trainwreck

    No matter how shit and small people say TNA is.

  • Darren

    Lance is an idiot. The people were expecting someone not announced for the Rumble? Shocking! It’s not like the only reason a lot of people watch is specifically to see unannounced participants. Oh wait that’s exactly why people watch the Rumble. Bryan didn’t have to win, but to not even have him in it was idiotic. If he came out at #30 the explosion from the crowd would’ve been off the charts. Instead Rey got completely(and understandably) crapped on by the crowd. The WWE is so dense that they didn’t even see it coming either. They probably though having Rey last would cushion the blow of Bryan not being in. Morons. This would be like not having Austin in the ’98 Rumble. That’s the closest comparison. Hottest guy in the company by a country mile.

    Oh and the Rhodes did wrestle earlier and then were in the Rumble Lance, so double duty did happen.

    • Jay Ciaravino

      The guy faced Bray Wyatt earlier in the night in what was arguably the best match in a year. Explain to me how the storyline works if you put Bryan in the Rumble match after that loss. Let’s break it down. He’s supposed to lose viciously to Wyatt and then somehow still make it to the Rumble, effectively lessening the impact of Wyatt’s performance while turning Bryan into some sort of Superman, (I thought you smart fans hated that, isn’t that why you boo Cena). Apparently a 30 minute epic battle isn’t enough for the instant gratification crowd. Seems to me that you guys won’t be happy until Bryan is the whole show. So tell me, what happens after Bryan becomes champion and is no longer your underdog hero? Where do you go from there fantasy booker? P.S. Rhodes and Goldy did NOT wrestle on the PPV just as Lance stated. They performed on the pre show.

      • Darren

        You put him in the Rumble to redeem himself from losing clean to Bray. Where does Bryan go now? He just LOST CLEAN to the “bad guy”. Great for Bray, but leaves Bryan just floating in nowheresville even as he is the most over guy in the company and it’s not even close. He didn’t have to come out and dominate either. Bret Hart at the ’94 Rumble is a perfect example. He was in a match earlier got back stabbed by Owen and came out later showing the effects of the beating, but still won and became more “over” than ever. Just because he’s the champion doesn’t mean he can’t be an underdog either. Hart and HBK both did it plenty and the crowd loved them for it.

        Mick Foley shit on the Rumble and specifically mentioning the lack of Bryan in the Rumble match and when Mick Foley is saying something sucked you know it had to be bad.

        Oh and the pre-show is still part of the show no matter what you or Lance think.

        • Jay Ciaravino

          You seem to forget that Austin lost clean to the Hitman too, in a match that made Austin. Blood pouring down his face and all. It was great and helped Austin get even more over then he was. But of course you would have to understand the psychology of the storyline to appreciate it. Apparently the fans of today don’t get it. Everything has to be right now. Well right now doesn’t work in a weekly episodic drama. You Bryan fans (Maybe not you, don’t know if you were there or not) ruined the Rumble with the child like tantrum that was on display last night. You don’t always have to win to come out on top. Look I’m rooting for Bryan just as much as the next guy, but you guys have this unrealistic expectation that just because you cheer for a guy, he should win every match and be champion. Well it doesn’t work that way. Never has, never will, nor should it. The time is not right for him to be the top guy, and the “machine” holding him back is absolutely the best thing that could be done for his character right now. He’s over because he is an under dog. You make him a champion and then what? You never answered that question.

          • Darren

            Bryan is past where SCSA was at ‘Mania 13. He doesn’t need that loss anymore. It doesn’t elevate him at all like it did for Austin.

            What do you do after you make him champ? How about let him be champion for a while. Like you usually do when you have a super popular champion. Not so hard really. Would give the Wyatt’s more reason to go after him again. Not to win the title, because they shouldn’t care, but to take Bryan down off his championship pedestal. Maybe set him up for a Brock feud? Batista is there so they could’ve used him to elevate Bryan. There’s plenty to do with Bryan if he’s the champ. What do they do with him now though? He seems done with the Wyatt’s as they’re onto Cena so where does he go now?

            Every time they go to a good wrestling city the crowd is going to highjack the show with Bryan chants. It may not change anything, but the crowds won’t care. They’ll chant YES or Bryan’s name and they’ll boo the hell out of Cena, Batista, Sheamus and pretty much anyone else higher on the totem pole than Bryan, except for Punk.

          • Jay Ciaravino

            How is he past where Austin was? In what universe? Why? How? Because the humanoids can say a three letter word in unison? Give me a break. Bryan couldn’t hold a candle to the star power that Austin had at that point. You are delusional or have a horrible memory. And until Bryan can cut a decent promo (which has never happened and I challenge you to prove me wrong), I for one have zero interest in seeing him as the focus of the show. The only reason why he APPEARS to be the next guy is because ANYONE could be the next guy right now and get over. The WWE fans were ready to ride the Ryback wave a year and a half ago. Where are all the cries of how he got screwed out of the top spot? The people are so sick of Cena/Orton?Triple H/Batista that anyone looks appealing in comparison.

          • Darren

            I’m not comparing their popularity I’m comparing their progression as characters. SCSA was a rising star who needed that last push into mega stardom. That’s what ‘Mania 13 did for him. Bryan is past that point, because he’s already been to the top of the mountain. He beat Cena CLEAN at Summerslam to win the WWE title. He’s been “The MAN” if only briefly. He’s past where Austin was at ‘Mania 13 in the evolution of his character, so his loss to Bray is nothing like that Austin loss. Also the Bryan “phenomenon” is closing in on 2 years now, so comparing him with Ryback is laughable. He appeals to the crowd like no one else and now he’s just in WWE limbo and people are rightly pissed.

  • theripperdannyb

    Its a simple fact, I agree, the whole point of putting Bryan in the opener and having him lose was to write him off of the rumble match, but the simple fact of the matter is they didnt do what the fans were begging for, I mean have you ever heard Mysterio boo’ed? EVER?

    Call us what you will, but having Bryan in that match and having him eliminated by a heel would of had the fans happy and helped make a mark for that certain heel. Screw some of the low carders (Great Khali anyone?) and put in Barrett (who was advertised and didnt compete, as was Xavier Woods, so please be quiet about announced participants), and have Barrett eliminate Bryan. Everyone wins, except Bryan, but they didnt want him there.

    I’ve said it a few times today, HHH’s influence smelt all over that rumble, from the NAO winning the tag belts, to Kane’s record being broken, to Shawn Micheals’ not being broken (how many years does Kane have to stay on the brink of breaking that before it’s just a joke?) to Batista winning it. The ego of the COO is bigger than any other driving force in that company today and it stinks rotten.

    No I didnt want Bryan to win it, I dont wanna see Bryan vs Orton at Mania, but two guys that dont deserve the spot are headlining what is supposed to be the biggest Mania ever, and the true Greats like Cena (Don’t hate, he doesnt need the main event but the point stands), Bryan, Ziggler, Sheamus and Punk dont get a look in, and you watch Reigns be placed in some mid-but-looking-big match. I love Reigns, but his spot at Mania will resonate more in the long run than any of the others. If you’re not the corporates favorites, you arent going anywhere, just ask The Miz and Zack Ryder.