Former WWE Superstar Big Vito Opens Pro Wrestling School

Big Vito’s Wrestling Academy sent out the following:

Former ECW, WCW, TNA and WWE superstar Big Vito Lo Grasso is happy to announce the opening of his new school, Big Vito’s Wrestling Academy and Finishing School

If you wanted to be a professional wrestler and have the dream, this is the place you want to be. To a man who had a dream and started as a rookie in the WWF, worked his way up the ladder to become a ECW, WCW, TNA and WWE superstar, wrestle overseas and become internationally known, be a champion at all levels of the sport, do movies, commercials, reality shows, charity events and have the proper training from the bottom to the top, this is the place for you.Those who apply will be trained not only as a wrestler, but they will be able to handle themselves anywhere in the world. Vito’s training methods are proven as he’s helped many in the sport live their dream. Those who apply will also be trained in mixed martial arts to help them become a well rounded grappler.

Applicants will receive the proper weight training and diets needed to excel and not only will they learn one side of the ring, but they will learn the business side as well. Upon completion of their training, they will receive a certificate of completion, which can be shown anywhere and when asked “Who was your trainer?”, your reply will be Big Vito and those in the business will know you were trained the right way. The one thing I wanted is respect and most of all, to be the best. Now, here is your chance.

The address for those interested in becoming a student at Big Vito’s Wrestling Academy is Sports Club 24 at 2147 Pine Forest Drive, Clearwater, Florida 33764. The phone number for applicants is 813-409-0469 and the website address is We hope to see you soon.