Former WWE Women’s Champion Calls Out AJ Lee; Unfavorable WWE Reaction To Lee’s Tattoo

Madusa, formerly known as Alundra Blayze, is none too pleased with reigning WWE Divas Champion AJ Lee recently appearing in possession of the WWE Women’s Championship—the 50-year-old considers herself the rightful owner of the strap since she never lost it in a match.

Last week, WWE’s resident “Geek Goddess” tweeted this photo of herself holding the retired belt (for a photo shoot she and other wrestlers took part in). Upon seeing the picture, Madusa called out Lee on Facebook.

She wrote, “Apparently someone has delusions of grandeur……..

“AJ Never was, Never will be the WWE womens champion as long as I OFFICIALLY hold the title. Bitch never beat me, Bitch never will. However she does give good mike skill so lets see what she has to say now….

“#WWE #madusa #monstertrucks #divas #champion #teammadusa ##kissmyass.”

Madusa is not the only person with a less than favorable opinion of the WWE Divas Champion. Earlier this month, Lee tweeted an image of a tattoo she got on the back of her neck to commemorate the date she won the belt (June 16, 2013). According to this week’s issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lee’s tribute drew a negative reaction from some of her co-workers as they consider it an “eye roller”—wrestlers displaying fan-like behavior is generally frowned upon by those affiliated within the industry. Plus, WWE commentators Jerry “The King” Lawler and John “Bradshaw” Layfield poked fun at her ink during last Monday’s live Raw broadcast by saying if she lost the belt, she would get a tattoo commemorating the date.

During a recent interview with, the New Jersey native explained the meaning behind her unique mark.

“When I was really young, my entire family was covered in tattoos, so it was okay to get one. But I knew, when I did get one, that I wanted it to be something important and special. So, at a very young age, I decided that I would get it when I won the title,” said Lee.

“I’m not a girly girl. And I didn’t want fancy script or a butterfly or anything like that on me. I wanted something surreal; something that showed time served. That’s why it’s in the style that it’s in. [The Divas Championship is] something that I worked for and spent a great deal of my time trying to get. It’s 14 years in the making. So, it’s supposed to be really cold. Just a mark of an accomplishment and now I move on.”

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  • MinusDarrin

    While I do think the tattoo is kind of dumb, honestly it is none of my business. It is her body and she can do what she wants with it. The fact is she is one of the first “over” divas in a long time and trashing her choices on live t.v. is not going to help that. I think WWE should put a clause in their contracts if they do not want their talent getting tattoos.

    • Sabino Hernandez

      Well said,especially since it’s not even visible

  • Tom

    Madusa v Arn Anderson v Bret Hart “Biggest mark in the business” match

  • Travis Starr

    I think it’s good, she’s commemorating the day her dreams came true.


    The tatt shows her dedication to the women’s division

  • Jo

    wow just wow. AJ worked hard to get that title and so what if she got a tat besides it’s not even in a spot you can see unless you lift up her hair. Everyone was holding old titles and honestly why does she really even care.

  • Daniel Vollmer

    Madusa is bitter.

    • BamaDan

      Madusa is delusional for claiming she’s still the women’s champion. I think being the current Divas champion under contract trumps no longer employed by the company for years and years no matter who didn’t pin her. She could just be saying it to get people talking about her, and in that case, mission accomplished.

  • Ruandy Torres

    Debra Ann Micelli WAS a great performer but that was 20 years and several boob jobs ago. She needs to concentrate on whatever she’s doing these days and stop trying to make up stuff.Besides didn’t she toss away the WWE Womens title on Nitro in the 90’s? And why is she down on tattoos? I think when Medusa was playing “The Cougar” in the dying days of WCW seducing guys 10-15 years younger that was more embarrassing than any tattoo AJ or anyone could get.

  • MinusDarrin

    I remember when Bradshaw and Lawler were trashing her tattoo, it actually angered me. What right does Lawler have to trash someones tattoos? He has a tat of a little crown on his ankle. At least A.J. has a tat to commemorate an achievement, Lawler’s tat commemorates himself. It is really not either of their places to talk about her ink, neither of them are her father.

  • Joe D’Agostino

    “Lee’s tribute drew a negative reaction from some of her co-workers as
    they consider it an “eye roller”—wrestlers displaying fan-like behavior
    is generally frowned upon by those affiliated within the industry.” This bugs me so much. Why can’t she be a fan of the business? So they are basically saying its frowned upon caring about something you love so much.

    Anyone backstage bitter about AJ getting a tattoo of the date she won the title is probably just mad that she is probably 100x more over than them (This includes superstars, not just divas).

  • cj

    Medusa, you are not still the women’s champion. Chyna was never defeated when she left WWE while still champion, as well as Trish StratusWas Undefeated when she won the titke and retired.

  • monkeyboy

    Well Madusa, technically you never beat Rockin’ Robin to win the strap. The title was vacated when she jumped to a different promotion and you won it many years later after a tournament. Sound familiar?