Former WWE Wrestler’s Contract Being Auctioned Off, Konnan Takes Shot At Former Partner R-Truth

– A photocopy of Maven Huffman’s contract with WWE is currently being auctioned off on eBay.

Following Huffman’s 2005 departure from WWE, the contract, as well as the trophy he was awarded for winning Tough Enough in 2001 and other WWE items, wound up in a storage unit in Virginia (his home state). Huffman, however, stopped paying the bill, and the storage unit and its contents were sold to a man for $100. The man reached out to Huffman to return his possessions, but heard nothing back. He then turned to eBay and sold some of the possessions, including the original contract and the trophy (the trophy sold for $600).

To view the auction, click here.

As far as Huffman’s whereabouts are concerned, mixed martial arts journalist and wrestling fan Ariel Helwani revealed in September via Twitter that he was working at a sports bar in New York City.

– Konnan is apparently no longer on good terms with R-Truth, who he teamed with in TNA Wrestling as members of 3Live Kru.

Earlier this week on Twitter, a wrestling fan who is a father, made note of his toddler son selecting a Mattel R-Truth action figure for Christmas. Konnan responded to the fan with the following: “He has bad taste..#AhCmonNow.”

The former WCW United States Champion also continues to slam Curtis Axel on the social media platform. In response to a user writing “[Curtis Axel’s Twitter handle] > [Konnan’s Twitter handle],” he wrote, “Are u referring to da guy dat went from IC champ to teaming w/Ryback 2 now doing jobs for SinCara2.0?..#Awesome.”

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  • cj

    Konnan sounds like a bitter ex-wife. He’s about as annoying as Sunny to me. Bashing people who are doing things you wish you could and mad at the fact they get more recognition than you ever would.

    • The Smartmark

      mans just trying to get some attention .