Former WWE Writer Comments On Paige, Xavier Woods and Brad Maddox Video Leak

Brian Maxwell Mann, who was formerly part of WWE’s creative team, wrote the following about Xavier Woods’ alleged involvement in the Paige nude photos/videos leak and if WWE will take Woods off television:

They shouldn’t. new day is such an irreverent group that you can almost imagine them subtlety joking about it if just a Woods selfie leaked. new day is one of the few acts that’s allowed to be sexual, have to imagine Vince pulls back on that freedom now. can’t speak for Philly but I hope Brooklyn behaves themselves. wrestling crowd are a unique beast though. could see New Day kept backstage. the precedent was set with Seth – talent shouldn’t be punished for stolen content. ignore the leaks and move on.

Mann also commented on if WWE should take action against Paige:

Paige shouldn’t be fired – she’s the victim here. FULL STOP. the involvement of the NXT Women’s title puts WWE in a tough spot. will the company take action to set an example? Paige should not be judged for ANYTHING else that came out yesterday. these were private consenting acts. involvement of WWE brands changes this. talent shouldn’t be fired for minor drug use but a pic doing coke off a title could be punished. can’t imagine what we’d think of The Big Gold Belt if camera phones existed during Ric’s reign.