Former WWE Writer Says CM Punk Was Mocked Backstage

Former WWE writer and ROH executive Dave Lagana recently wrote a new blog, focusing on WWE Superstar CM Punk:

“The Anaconda Vice became one of the things that the agents picked on Punk for. Vince had mocked Punk in meetings by doing the wrist gesture and even instructed announcers to NOT mention his Muai Thai background. Everything that made Punk unique was questioned and mocked. ‘Don’t think people can relate to with a character who doesn’t have an occasional beer,’ said one agent. In 2006, Vince McMahon looked at Punk and ‘didn’t get it.'”

Lagana also talked about how a WWE Hall Of Famer ended up changing the way Punk was perceived with management. “In that meeting in Houston, Shawn brought up that guys like him and Undertaker will not be around forever and, while everyone liked (Bob) Holly, it was guys like Punk who were the future.

“The mood in the room changed, the den of negativity that existed was silenced for the time being. Punk wasn’t pushed strong that week or even the next week but the ship had turned. Punk was positioned better from that point forward.”

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