Ex-WWE Writer Talks Issues With Roman Reigns Character, SmackDown On Thursdays & More

Former WWE SmackDown lead writer Alex Greenfield was a guest on Wrestling Informant Radio this past Sunday, hosted by Gary Cantrell and Chris McManamy. Here are the highlights:

On problems with Roman Reign’s character: “I think the bitch you get from a lot of people is the promos. I feel like his promos are getting better. I worked a lot with Batista. Batista took a while to find his voice for longer promos, but when he found it especially on that feud with Cena he was gangbusters every night. I think Reigns is a young man finding his voice and i think he can get there. The problem i have is it feels like they know the goal but they don’t know how to get there. To me the problems with Reigns are story problems. I think the weakest match at SummerSlam was him and Randy and they are going to that again. Then it sounds like they are gonna segue to Rollins then Hunter. If anyone can get him there i feel like Hunter probably can. I want to see Reigns involved in a really compelling story and not so much it just feels like he’s randomly coming out. What really pisses me off that Ambrose was really angry about getting stabbed in the back by Rollins and it seems like up to this point that Reigns hasn’t given a sh*t. That betrayal should have stabbed him in the kidneys. Instead he just went off and seemed to have not cared.”

SmackDown moving back to Thursdays: “During my brief tortured reign as lead writer (of Smackdown) that we transitioned from Thursday to Friday. It hurt us audience wise, there’s no question at all. Friday night particularly for the audience demographic is really a tough spot for wrestling to be in because people in the 18-34 demographic tend to want to go out on a Friday night. I think it’s nothing but a good thing. It does lend some hopeful news to Spike TV moving TNA Impact to Wednesdays doesn’t it? It sounds like they were aware of that and if their idea was to get it out of the way of Smackdown i think that gives some hope that instead of just this extension running through the end of the year, maybe they are closer to a deal than everybody thought with Spike and i think that would be great.”

Trying to serve the minority audience: “One of our explicit goals both under Dave Lagana and myself when we were running Smackdown was to fight for the minority audience which we felt were being under served. We had Rey, Booker, Mark Henry, Eddie & guys that we intentionally pushed to the top of the card. Bear in mind the brand split was pretty hard and fast at this point so we were very separate. We intentionally went after that market and Vince wholly and Stephanie especially wholly supported us in aggressively trying to make those viewers feel creatively satisfied and give them people they could root for and root against who looked like them which i think is an important thing.”

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    I have this feeling the match between Brock and Cena is gonna be an iQuit match or a 2/3 falls count anywhere, most probably an iQuit match. WHEN Cena loses, they will be forced to book Reigns as an unstoppable babyface/Cena 2.0 to look strong and legitimate IF he’s booked to face Lesnar at WM 31.

    He has 4 more PPVs before mania to ”find his voice” which he should’ve done in NXT. it kind of defeats the purpose of having a developmental center if your just getting called to the main roster because you have looks and muscle.

    • DOne90

      Well now we can see his growth first hand

  • bakayaro_konoyaro666

    A quick question,… Does anybody REALLY see this guy being a bigger draw cena? Take your time before you answer this.

    • http://wrestlingfan.net RReigns121314

      I do

    • Matt Hollands

      Not yet, but I think he has the potential

  • cj

    I said the exact same thing ! Why did they just act is if Rollins only turned Ambrose & Reigns could care less . I mean it worked out because the Rollins/Ambrose matches have been golden , but they have Reigns as if he never was apart of the Shield which is ironic because he’s the only one who kept the attire and theme music lol . They should’ve had him at least face Rollins before just throwing him in the title picture

    • http://wrestlingfan.net RReigns121314

      You have a point here mate and so does the guy in the article, I agree on this! BUT, what they have done now with him also makes sense considering Rollins took out Ambrose last week! Reigns and Ambrose are boys lets not forget that

  • Laurence

    Here’s the problem in my eyes… Brock Lesnar is a bigger draw than anyone else on the roster. Especially after the way he dominated Cena. I have been iffy about getting the ppv’s recently and have missed some as i’ve not been too bothered but, just like in ufc when brock was on the ppv, i really wanted to watch them.
    I want to see Brock vs anyone. And i think the audience too will be fascinated by watching him in the ring with his size, strength, athleticism and legitimacy.
    When Reigns does fight Brock it will do great numbers on PPV but the numbers will drop instantly when Reigns has to defend the title and Brock isn’t on the ppv.

  • Harps Starkz

    Reigns is loved by the fans and will continue to be. He is definitely gonna go to the top and just needs fine tuning. I can see Cena not hanging around longer then 2 years tbh. Brock is a beast and when he returns we love it cause we hate Cena. He has the power to elevate anyone along with Hunter. Reigns has not bothered with Rollins because he assumed Ambrose would handle the situation. And I think he still will. When the likes of Henry, Cena, go Reigns will be the face and you will see a NXT take over of characters these cats will give us the excitement Cena and co cannot give. Hunter said Nxt is very close to his heart. So just be patient and let Wwe do what is necessary before we start seeing a big boom in Wwe Raw and Smackdown with the new generation of fantastic stars.