Full Details On Ring Ka King – TNA’s New Indian Promotion

TNA has officially launched their new Indian promotion, called Ring Ka King (which means King of the Ring). The first set of tapings are taking place this week.

Ring Ka King will debut on India’s The Colors Network on January 14th and will air 26 episodes over 13 weeks.

The promotion will feature 20 American wrestlers and 10 Indian wrestlers, trained by Savio Vega, Sonjay Dutt, and Nick Dinsmore (“Eugene”).

According to TNA sources and several wrestlers who are on the tour, the production values and the set are said to be amazing. TNA India is drawing huge crowds, which are red hot and very into the product.

Matt Morgan was crowned the first ever Ring Ka King heavyweight champion after defeating Scott Steiner in the finals of an 8-man tournament. Steiner is a top heel in the new promotion.

According to a source, Scott Steiner caused a near-riot with fans during a six-man match that was taped this week. The match saw Smith, Guerrero and Morgan take on Steiner, Magnus and Sonjay Dutt.

Chavo Guerrero and David Hart Smith were also crowned the first-ever Tag Team Champions of the promotion.

Jeremy Borash tweeted the following regarding the new India project

“Great 2nd day of TV in India just wrapped. Tonight’s crowd was insane, most seeing wrestling for the first time. Enthusiasm off the charts. The most heel heat I’ve seen in 15 years tonight in India. This will be amazing TV. Congrats to the team. Forgot how fun this can