Full Recap Of Edge Appreciation Night; What You Won’t See On SD

WWE honored Edge with “Edge Appreciation Night” after tonight’s television tapings from the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Below is a recap that I wrote with the help of reader A-ROB, who was in attendance:

Trish Stratus comes out and introduces Edge. They talk about when they first met at an autograph signing. Trish showed two photos of Edge. The first was a photo of the first time he cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase and the other was his entrance from Wrestlemania XXVII this year. They ran an Edge tribute video package that brought him to tears.

After the video, Christian comes out and says there are many people here to pay tribute to him. Christian introduces Edge’s mom, Judy, Ron Huchison, two of his college buddies and Rhyno. They go to the ring and hug him. Edge thanks them all for coming. Trish introduces Bret Hart who comes down to the ring with Sweet Daddy Siki.

Bret Hart puts over Edge as the best there is, was and ever will be and then hugs him. Edge thanks the crowd for coming and says he couldn’t do this anywhere else. The entire roster comes out clapping and goes to the ring to greet him. Edge fools around with R-Truth and takes a camera from a cameraman and walks around the ring with it. Edge gives back the camera and does the five second pose with Christian. He leaves the ring and gives high fives to audience members.

Edge goes to the stage with his mom and they do his rocker pose then wave goodbye. Justin Roberts thanks the crowd for coming.