Gail Kim On How Brooke Hogan Has Affected TNA Knockouts Division, Divas vs. Knockouts, More

Gail Kim was interviewed by David Garlow of the Here are some highlights.

On her travel schedule: I’ve been doing this for fourteen years now, I think it’s fourteen I lost track (laughs), but it’s my lifestyle. It’s almost like a gypsy lifestyle we call it. I think since I’ve been married it’s gotten even worse because now I travel for work and to be with my husband. You know, I just love it. I mean, how many people get to travel and see the world and do what they love, I’m very blessed!

Injuries and bumps during her professional wrestling career: Oh my God, I was just talking about that! When I started wrestling I was twenty and when you’re twenty you feel invincible and nothing can affect you (laughs) I’ve been lucky, I have only had one real injury and that was a broken collarbone. I try to take care of my body more now through massage, chiropractic care, and working out. All that stuff that helps you in the ring! I mean even if you haven’t wrestled in a month and you try and get ready for it, nothing compares to wrestling in that ring. You can run all you want on that treadmill but its not going to prepare you for what’s in that ring. I mean, we are not like other sports as we don’t have an off-season. We go all year round. You get some time on the days off, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world!

How Brooke Hogan affected the knockouts division: Actually, you know, you never know what to expect when someone new comes in, someone that doesn’t have any experience in it. But, Brooke is the daughter of Hulk Hogan so she grew up in this business and has a natural ability to talk and play a character and really help us and is a great help in the locker room! She wants all the girls to get along, she watches all of our matches, she’s a big help. Right now she’s kind of half in the story with Bully Ray so we don’t get a lot of interaction right now, but she has been great!

On Impact Wrestling going on the road: I’ve always said, I’ve been around this company since we debuted on Spike TV which was eons ago it seems like! (Laughs) So I’ve seen the progression of that very first Spike episode to, you know, we never did live events then, we didn’t have live TV then; I’ve seen this company grow so much and I always said the final step was to go on the road and do live TV and now it’s happened! It’s such a great thing for production and the fans. I mean we feed off the fans reaction! When we’re in front of a crowd that has never seen us, it just fires you up! You get an adrenaline high that lasts a week! We just had our last PPV in San Antonio and we just wanted to bring it to another level!

Differences between TNA Knockouts and WWE Divas: I can actually answer that! Both group of girls are very talented and have characteristics that the fans just love. In terms of how the company represents them it’s a whole different story where this company (TNA/Impact) gives us wrestling time and character development, we just get more time and can have two storylines going at once, The writers like to give us storylines and we appreciate that. I enjoy it a lot more!

Advice for any woman looking to break into the pro wrestling business: I would say two main things; first have a back-up plan. I’ve been very fortunate to have had a long career but you never know what’s going to happen; it’s not something that lasts forever so definitely have a back-up plan. Two, you always have to believe that you are going to make it. When I first made up my mind that I was going to become a female professional wrestler the one thought I always had was not if, but when, I would make it. Unbelievably it happened in two years and I’ve never looked back! I always felt that if I retired tomorrow, not that I want to, but that if I had to I would be very satisfied with what I have accomplished in my career. Basically because of TNA and Impact wrestling because they let me take that ball and run with it!

About having a woman in the Aces & Eights: I don’t know but on social media fans are always saying that they need a girl, but right now it just seems to be a guy thing!

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