Gail Kim On WWE’s Rules & Whether They Pay Attention To TNA

Speaking to SunSport, Gail Kim described WWE’s fickle approach to what wrestling maneuvers the female performers were permitted to perform in a “PG” environment.

“I heard many times that they want the Divas to be girly,” Kim said. “They didn’t care about the heel girls getting any heat. We just didn’t understand.

“They did everything in their power, it seemed, to take everything to give us a good match, for the heels to get any heat. It was no kicking one week, or no punching the next. No this, no that. It was at the point where I was asking whether we could do anything at all. Every week the rules would change.”

Kim also stated her belief that WWE officials keep tabs on TNA Wrestling more than they let on. She said, “Everyone in the office acted like they had never seen our stuff, which makes me laugh because Johnny hired me back for a reason.

“It’s funny how people in the office act like they never watch TNA, follow TNA or know anything that’s going on with TNA. In my opinion they are all lying!

“They all knew who Kia was after what she and I did in TNA. They hired me back for a reason. If I was doing nothing during that time I don’t think I would have got hired back.”

The full interview can be accessed here.

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