Gail Kim Says WWE Environment Was Disrespectful To Women

Gail Kim clarified her exit from WWE last year in an interview with Schema Magazine.

When asked if controversially eliminated herself from the Divas Battle Royal on the August 1, 2011 episode of Monday Night Raw was out of frustration of not being showcased enough on television, she responded, “I’ve talked about this many times up to this point, which I don’t mind but I think the fans and myself have moved on from this topic. To clarify, that was not the reason why, there were many reasons why including some disrespectful situations and the way women were treated; so I decided to move on. I did, and I’m happier than ever and I will never know reasons why so I choose not to worry about that anymore.

“I can only look forward and try to do positive things from now on. Impact Wrestling has been home for me and it’s just been a confidence building, pro female wrestling environment. I feel like I don’t have to limit myself anymore.”

The TNA Women’s Knockout Champion was also asked if was ever given a role in which she felt stereotyped, fetishized or uncomfortable.

She responds, “I don’t think I can remember a time feeling uncomfortable because I was never forced to play the stereotypical role but that may be because I didn’t know how. I can’t speak fluent Korean (I regret quitting Korean school as a child now!) So it was difficult to put me in that role. The only time I felt uncomfortable was when I was asked to do things that were overtly sexual or anything dance related lol! I think I’m sexiest when I’m myself. As for the dancing part, I have 2 left feet!”

Kim also comments on where she sees herself in the entertainment industry within the next ten years, whether there is a difference between wrestling fans in the United States and Canada, who inspired her to become a professional wrestler and more. (Interview link)

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