Gallows Recalls Working With CM Punk, Portraying “Fake” Kane

Former WWE star Luke Gallows Luke Gallows did an interview with discussing his experience on the road with World Wrestling Entertainment, which began when he was 21 years old. Highlights:

Teaming with CM Punk in Straight Edge Society: “They wanted a big guy with [CM Punk]. He didn’t really need it, nor do I think he thought he did. I thought we made it really work though. I tried to change my look, change a little my style in the ring. I think a little character development may have helped us more, but on the other hand – and he’s one of my best friends so this isn’t me kissing butt – he is one of the best on the mic. I could understand why they wouldn’t give us more to say, but I always wish they would have.”

The Straight-Edge Society In general: “We called ourselves the Addams Family. You had me, the big Cowboy. then you had Serena, the bald-headed girl, then you had the unshaven CM Punk, picking stuff out of his beard. We’d be sitting there in Cracker Barrel and people would just stare.”

Portraying the “Fake” Kane: “I didn’t end up liking the result, but when you’re a 21 year old guy, I tried my best. Bill DeMott to his credit would come back with me at night for secret Kane training. I remember that first night on Raw. I looked like I was a member of that ’80s hairband. That hair kinda killed me in the water right out of the gate. It was what it was though. I always appreciated and respected Kane in the business, and it helped promote his movie coming out. So it was what it was.”

Appearing as Festus: “I loved Ray Gordy. I was wrestling in developmental as the Freakin’ Deacon, but they had The Boogeyman and they felt that it would be too ’80s. I remember Vince pulled us aside and laid out the idea for this Festus character. At the time, you look at it I was 23 years old. I just wanted to be the best damn whatever it was. So hopefully that’s what I was able to do. People still ask me the most about that. There were times when I thought we could have done more with that character than we did.”

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