Goldberg Comments On Batista’s Boos, Ryback Ready For Raw In Chicago, NXT-Hulu Update

– A fan on Twitter asked Bill Goldberg what he thought of Batista being booed by the WWE fans since returning. Goldberg replied:

– Ryback tweeted the following about Monday’s RAW from Chicago, then deleted it:

“Cannot wait for Raw in Chicago big homecoming for The Best Big Guy In The World! Oh wait Chicago sucks Outlaws > Bears #HeHateMe”

– WWE has added this week’s episode of NXT on Hulu but it’s not the episode with Bayley vs. Sasha Banks, CJ Parker vs. Colin Cassady and Mason Ryan vs. Bo Dallas. Instead, they aired the “This Is NXT” special that has been airing on the WWE Network.

  • James Humwood

    I know ryback is just joking but really he thinks he’s good where is he now? Oh that’s right on main event jobbing xD. And I’m sorry but one can not be ready for this raw it’s gonna be a total hijacking with cm punk chants. All the way to wwe sucks chants and probably even some vulgar cussing lol. Chicago is like the modern day ecw when it comes to funny chants. All that being said I hope they boo and hijack the boring segments(90% of raw) but I hope they leave alone the young talent like the Wyatt’s and shield and leave taker alone also if he’s there he’s payed his dues

    • ☆♥Sarah☆♥

      And leave Kane alone as well. Hes a proud man & thats why hes now “CORPORATE KANE” & Jobbing to the younger talent. If he had a problem doing that he wouldnt be doing it OR they would let him go. He wants to help out the younger talent thats why he doesnt have a problem with it.

  • James Humwood

    Ryback a new catchphrase: Eat.Tweet.Delete. Repeat

    • TheUndertaker21


  • Raihan Khan

    goldgerg feels for batista, why wouldnt he, he still remembers when the crowd booed the shit out of him at wm 20