Goldberg Continues To Shoot Down Rumors Of A WWE Return

Former WWE & WCW Wrestler Bill Goldberg continues to shoot down rumors of a return to World Wrestling Entertainment on his Twitter. When a follower asked if Triple H would book a match between himself and The Undertaker in the near future, Goldberg replied, “Not a chance in hell”

When asked about WWE wanting to sign him and Sting, Goldberg stated:

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  • Jay Ciaravino

    Let’s get real. Even if he is going to come back, do you really expect him to confirm it on twitter? Do you really think he would spoil the surprise?

    • Dangerous Creation

      Exactly. Kevin Nash and Chris Jericho unequivocally said in interviews/on twitter that they were absolutely not returning to WWE in 2011/2012.

      I think they did.

    • The Knight of Truth

      And do you really expect him to give a good performance after 9 years? Rock came back in ring after 8 years, did he perform like he used to? No! And fact is: 9>8….

    • cory bowen

      Yea true but goldberg has always been very truthful when it comes to the wwe rumors if he’s in negotiations he admits it if he isn’t he says he isn’t but still if he had signed i don’t believe he would admit it but I don’t think he has signed at least not yet the way he answered the questions makes me believe the wwe hasn’t even offered him or offered him and he did not like the offer

  • Matt Scholtes

    Goldberg if you are coming back when are you gonna come back

    • Prestige27

      Goldberg has replied to some comments via Twitter……. Not PWMania.

  • cj

    Well he didn’t really shoot down a return, he was asked does he think HHH would book the match and replied “not a chance in hell” and was if WWE was interested im signing him.

  • kieferbauer

    Did anyone notice he said “no chance in hell” isn’t that Vince McMahon saying

  • roy john

    Wished that goldbergs rules in wwe

  • Cody

    I would love to see Goldberg against Ryback since Ryback is a Goldberg wanna be!!! GOLDBERG would Destroy Ryback

    • ray

      put down the crack pipe

  • Jeff Share

    no big loss here. what even gives him any idea that he should receive a chance like that? He sounds seriously deluded.

  • BadDude8

    I think that it would be great if Goldberg return and steve Austin and wrestle agains big show and Randi orton.

  • Ken Kuhlman

    loved watching Goldberg work but he is to much the Prima Donna for the WWE

    • cory bowen

      They are all primma donnas better excuse please like maybe he’s too old or it would only be for one match I’d love to see him back but those are good reasons that Honestly the only argument I could make is he’s always had a lot of fans and he could maybe draw in a little higher rating than what raw has been getting or a bigger ppv butyrate I’d definetly love to see him though

  • Matthew Maida

    it does help the hype of the possiblity with the denials on Twitter.



  • Henry

    No chance in hell… means he is too scared to face the undertaker. lol.

  • Josh Drewien

    What is with the egos? Why not wrestle one more match, I mean can people reaaly be to busy to contribute a little bit to their career?

  • cory bowen

    Goldberg has always shot down rumors on twitter just because Jericho or kevin nash did and showed up shouldn’t apply to goldberg he has always been truthful about his wwe status when he was in negotiations with the wwe a few years ago he said he was when he was asked a year ago if he was going to be at raw 1000 he shot the rumors down then as well I’ll believe goldberg going to the wwe when I see it

  • birdbrain2

    Spear against spear. Goldburg vs Roman Reigns.

  • iamjohnnymcb

    What, i saw him yesterday, he had a match against khali

  • Kohl


  • Ricky ponting

    Goldberg vs undertaker wrestlemania 30 would be perfect. Brock would be just to obvious. Maybe Goldberg can return to finish the streak……….