Goldberg Has Words For Triple H, Says He Would Return If WWE Knew How To Run A Business

A fan on Twitter asked former WCW and WWE star Bill Goldberg if he could spear anyone in WWE, who would it be? Goldberg replied and said Triple H:

“Hunter…..hands down…..RT”

The fan replied with the following tweet and Goldberg said his observation was “spot on”:

“any particular reason or just the overall doucheness and politicking he exhibits?”

Another fan asked Goldberg when he would be coming back to WWE. He replied, “When they learn how to run a business.”

Finally, a fan asked Goldberg if he would come back to WWE and feud with Ryback. The former World Heavyweight Champion replied, “…..if they knew how to do business I’d consider it…..”

  • tobimobi

    Well the company that had Goldberg as posterboy didn’t do to well did it?!

  • Wes

    yea but wcw managed to constipate the goose that laid the golden egg. they misued goldberg half way through his run. his popularity and heat could have really helped wcw. i dunno if it was the wcw stigma, but wwe used him poorly also. i remember him claiming that wwe was too raunchy not for kids, is why he left, well bill now its so pg if this is offensive you better find a way to return to the 1950s. i always liked goldberg too bad he couldnt hvae done more after 2001.