Goldust and Dusty Rhodes Talk About Triple H “Firing” Cody Rhodes On Monday’s WWE Raw

WWE’s website has an article up with Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes and WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes talking about Triple H firing Cody Rhodes on Monday’s RAW. Here are some quotes:

Dustin: “What’s good for business? I don’t think Hunter knows right this second. I think he’s a little bit blinded by this job and his position. He wants to make his mark and I understand that. But he’s going about it the wrong way. Cody has taken whatever he has been given and has done it to the best of his ability with the perfect attitude. Sure, he’s a little hot-headed and impatient at times, but he was continuing to grow and continuing to cement himself as one of the top Superstars. His future was bright, and it was all taken away because some executive decided to abuse his power.”

Dusty: “It broke my heart to see this. Why would WWE be so stupid as to throw away a talented kid like this who does the right thing? I’ve kept my mouth shut long enough. The stupidity of what went down last night, the stupidity to take a kid in his 20s, probably the hottest product that we have at this stage in our industry, and to put him in a situation like that? Cody’s not gonna back down from anything. Give him an opportunity to wrestle Randy Orton, anywhere, anyplace, in an alley, it doesn’t make a [difference] to Cody … So why would you be stupid enough to throw something like that away, because he voiced an opinion, you know what I mean? It was not good for business, Hunter. It was not good for business.”

  • Harps Starkz

    If Cody went to tna many wwe stars would join him and it would be better then wwe today

  • Lisbeth

    Why do you act so differently? Do you want the Superstars and divas to fear you? And what will you do if all the superstars and divas quit, what will you do, the only ones you are going to have is the shield, maybe Paul Heyman, Axel, and Randy Ortan, and that means less fan, less money and then eventually you will have to cancel or shut down WWE for good.
    P.S think about it.