Goldust Wants Cody Rhodes At WrestleMania 29, JR’s Superfan Package, Night of Champions

– As previously reported, former WWE star Dustin “Goldust” Rhodes continues to ask fans for their help in getting a WrestleMania match against his brother Cody Rhodes. Goldust has been campaigning for the match in and out of WWE for a few years now. In the message posted below on his official website, Goldust admits that Vince McMahon doesn’t want the match to happen:

“My love for the wrestling business will never stop, the rhodes family is to me the best family in wrestling today! Over 24 yrs it has treated me wonderful and i thank the fans for all their support in letting me have my ups and downs and going out there each night and do my best to put on a good show for the world! Ty for ur continued support! I consider myself a great wrestler and performer and only want 1 thing left to do in this business! My brother cody rhodes! I want him at WM29 1on 1 ! Now alot of people including vince dont want this or think this will work but i say BULLSHIT! I dont know why the pwers that be wont let me , goldust, have his last curtain call with his brother. Is it politics? Probably. But whatever the reason is in my opinion its wrong! If anyone is able to make this match work it me! My skill and codys skill writes this match easily and would be one of if not the best match of the night at WM29! So i am asking every goldust and cody fan out there today to make ur voices heard and maybe just maybe we can make it happen! Positive thought to all and lets make cody vs goldie happen WM29 #braggin rights, goldusts final curtain call ! Ty all for ur support, dustin”

– Jim Ross has released a new Superfan Package of his JR’s BBQ products. The $59.99 package includes JR’s all-purpose seasoning, his original BBQ sauce, the hot BBQ sauce, the chipotle ketchup, the Main Event mustard and an autographed card. The card features an updated photo of JR sporting his goatee. The package is available on

– Plenty of tickets remain for WWE’s Night of Champions pay-per-view from Boston.