Goldust Says WWE Is Smart Business, Injury News, Kofi Kingston

– Kofi Kingston will be appearing at the FCW show on February 17th from the Lake County Fairgrounds in Eustis, Florida.

– WWE acknowledged on Friday’s SmackDown that Ted DiBiase suffered a wrist injury at the Winnipeg live event the previous weekend. On Friday’s show, Hunico and his bodyguard Camacho beat down DiBiase and focused on the injured wrist. WWE’s website posted an update noting that the two aggravated DiBiase’s injury further but didn’t offer anymore details.

– Goldust, who is predicting Dolph Ziggler to win the Royal Rumble, defended his employer on Twitter this weekend after a fan commented that WWE should be smarter and feature Goldust on TV more. He wrote:

“ive been in the bus. 24 yrs…time for new talent #hadmytime”

“The internet will always find something wrong with the way a company is doing things…wwe is great, we are giving new talent chances daily. Wwe #smartbusiness”

“Doesnt matter if i can still go or not….theres a new generation of youngens that deserve the same. Chance i had…let them shine.. Goldie has left his mark in the business….time for guys like dolph,kofi,cody,hunico,ted,shemus,big brodus,zack and many others to grab it”

“The business changes all the time and if you dont roll with change then you get left behind…seize what god gave you And prove your worth….opportunity knocks for those talent who want it bad enough and wont take no for an answer…wwe gives chances. You get chances by hard work and great attitudes….but you have to have patience.”