Greg Valentine No-Shows Event, Leaves Drunken Voice Message

Great North Wrestling President Devon Nicholson issued the following statement regarding WWE Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine no-showing last Saturday’s Randy Savage tribute show in Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada after the organization paid $2,000 for his services.

“It is one thing to no-show a pro wrestling event. It is another to demand all your money up front, promise you’re going to come and then no show a huge event like the Macho Man Memorial Show,” Nicholson said.

“Greg Valentine cost in the ball park of $2,000 for his payoff, plane ticket, and hotel room. That money all went to waste with him no-showing. Greg Valentine truly showed what scum he is this week. I would highly recommend that no promoter trust or book this man. He better hope he never crosses paths with me again. What he did was a horrible insult to me, Lanny, The Macho Man and most importantly the fans who paid to see him.”

After negotiations for Valentine to appear at the Randy Savage tribute show were finalized, he drunkenly called organization officials three days before the event demanding that he be paid more money (which he received).

Audio of the profanity-laced voice message Valentine left can be accessed here.

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