Hardcore Roadtrip Fanfest Press Release

Hardcore Roadtrip: PRESS RELEASE
Friday November 16th, 2012

TOPIC: Hardcore Fanfest In CANADA

Hardcore Roadtrip PRESENTS Hardcore Fanfest
Saturday March 2nd, 2013AM 10AM to 12PM
London Ukranian Centre London, ON Canada
Tickets Only $20 Per Person

– Get autographs and pictures with your favorite ECW Stars
– Fantasy Wrestling Seminar featuring Raven
– 2 Live Wrestling Matches featuring Hardcore Roadtrip Wrestlers
– Q&A Session with ECW Founder Tod Gordon
– ECW Merchandise and Memorabilia for sale
– Get in the ring and cut promos with your favorite ECW Stars


The Sandman
2 Cold Scorpio
Stevie Richards
The Blue Meanie
Tod Gordon
Bill Alfonso
Pitbull 1 Gary Wolf
Axl Rotten
CW Anderson
Jason Knight
“Kingpin” Angel Of Da Baldies
Vito “THE SKULL” Lograsso
Joel Gertner
Missy Hyatt

For more information on the fanfest checkout

Official Website – www.HardcoreRoadtrip.ca
Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/HardcoreRoadtip
On Twitter – @HRTBoss