HBK Hunting With His Son, Hugh Jackman Talks Raw, ROH Signing

— Ring of Honor announced on Thursday that California wrestler TJ PErkins has signed with the company. Jim Cornette had this to say about the signing:

“It’s a great asset to have TJ Perkins under the ROH banner. There are few men as well traveled, as well seasoned, especially at such a young age, as Perkins and that experience is going to serve him well here in Ring of Honor. There’s not too many men who can match him for speed and technique, so the ROH roster is certainly in for a shake-up with TJ now part of the fold.”

— USA Today has published an interview with Hollywood star Hugh Jackman, whose new movie “Reel Steel” opens Friday.

In preparation for his movie, Jackman has been working with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard to make his fight scenes look as realistic as possible. Both Jackman and Leonard talked about Jackman’s experience hosting RAW and how his recent boxing training helped him out when he got into a confrontation with Dolph Ziggler. Sugar Ray Leonard said he’s proud of Jackman for landing a punch on Dolph Ziggler, even if Ziggler’s injuries were just “part of the show”.

“He delivered a punch that found its target. That’s all I care about,” Leonard said. “It put a stamp on my job. I’m proud.”

— Carl Dantes sent in this video footage of Shawn Michaels and his son Cameron hunting after a recent taping of Shawn Michaels’ MacMillan River Adventures.