HBK On Why He Never Held The Title Again, Returning To WWE

WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels was a guest on this Monday’s edition of Wrestling News Live. “The Showstopper” joined WNL for a 70 minute interview that can be heard here starting at the 80 minute.

Below are some of the highlights:

Shawn’s thoughts on Scott Hall missing his WWE Hall Of Fame induction: “You have to admire him, You’ve gotta start somewhere and I remember Kevin telling me and me thinking “you know what, that’s gotta be a good start. The fact that he is aware of it and I think that’s good as that’s what we all want for(him). I know everything one is synthetic and everyone cares about Scott and we all do and I was actually really happy to hear that he’s at least aware of it to the point where he can make a statement like that. As we discussed that night, we all know there is going to be several other Hall Of Fame moments for some of the dudes in our group.”

Shawn’s thoughts on his induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame: “It’s one of those things like winning your first world championship that you always tell people about and its moments like that when it is all real. It doesn’t matter what all the nay-Sayers say about our line of work and those moments, it’s the most real thing in the world and to get to share it with your present family and your work family and the guys that were the only family I had for many years on the road and being acknowledged in my line of work and having all the people, my extended family (there), it is very easy for me to well up and cry like a baby when I think about it because there is such an attachment for me to all of those people….. There is such a special connection from me to the people and I think it’s because they they knew how I felt about that line of work and how much it meant to me.”

Shawn’s thoughts on how the product has changed: “I don’t wana be one of those old timers that continually knock everything because on one hand it’s very tough on the younger talent these days as they are not having the luxury of what we had which is years of experience and countless matches with countless different styles before we came to the WWE. They are getting thrown from the frying pan into the fire.”

Shawn’s thoughts on a return to WWE: “One, honestly I really don’t watch much right now and I do that purposely. I’ll tune in every now and then and I’ll tune in for a little bit then see something that I don’t care for and I go away. The reason I do that is because if I watch and I see something I don’t like and I turn away, I know that I’m not ready to come back and look at it objectively yet . I think there will be a time when I’d like to come back and help and contribute in the back if needed but to do that, I feel like I need to have a real washed, clean, objective, constructive point of view and for me personally, it feels like whilst I was working, I did not watch that much as I always felt I was too close to it to be objective.”

Shawn’s thoughts on John Morrison: “His name comes up a lot, and a lot of people say “I like him but…” and he’s a young guy and it’s my understanding that he just got injured and as much as you hate hearing about a guy getting injured, it’s never good but at the same time, I remember telling John Cena when he got hurt, “Dude they need to see you come back”. It’s part of the “warrior making” stage and so I think John (Morrison) some time but as the kids like to say, “He has to get some street cred”, He’s got to take some lumps, gotta take on a couple of scars, get beaten up a little but I certainly think there is potential there. He certainly has all the physical attributes that he needs. He is a sweetheart of a guy and I think that is what hurts him, I just don’t think he has a bad bone in his body.”

Shawn on why he choose not to hold the World Title one last time: “No, No I didn’t. That’s(holding the belt) is a full time commitment and the guy that does that needs to make every show, doing absolutely everything and that just wasn’t for me. The deal with me coming back was still worth quite a bit but I didn’t do all the live events and I was taking darn near every Wrestlemania off. That was just something, it was more important to me just to come back and I’m gona be honest, I like it more than the way I did. I know there are some people like “You only held the world title this many times” I just didn’t think it (was fair), I think the guy who does that needs to be the work horse and I no way wanted to be that.”

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