Heat On CM Punk?, New WWE Logo Planned, Backstage News On The Raw Seattle Ending

– During the middle of the coverage of AJ Lee’s incident with Michelle Beadle and TLC on Sunday, CM Punk tweeted about hockey and there were reportedly people within WWE upset at him for tweeting about hockey on the day of a pay-per-view.

Photo: CM Punk and AJ Lee Attend MLB Star’s Wedding

– The final segment on the December 9th RAW from Seattle went nowhere close to how it was scripted. The final moments were exactly as planned but the Triple H interview changed slightly and was delayed because of the Daniel Bryan crowd chants. WWE officials weren’t surprised Bryan got a big reaction in Seattle but did not expect it to come at the level it did in the final segment. Regarding John Cena’s promo in the segment, people have had nothing but praise for how quick and smart he was under the circumstances to take a crowd which was protesting against him and link with them with the idea that he’s on the same page as they are, and then bringing them back to him and putting the focus on his promo against Randy Orton.

– WWE is planning to release a new company logo. Apparently they have around 15 different looks they will pick from and all are very different from the one they have now. Designer John Lefteratos, who designed the WWE Network logo, designed these alternate logos:

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • killatheninja

    Wow they are all dumb logos, I mean the WWE network one works fine but the other ones are stupid. Plus since their getting a new logo why not add the E letter!?!?!

  • PRL18

    wow all the logo suck

    • jnj

      all of the logos were made as jokes on another wrestling website. That last part of the report is fake.

      • PRL18

        hahah got me….t

  • Wrestling Dog

    Why not keep the widely recognised and good looking logo they already have?

    • Kieran

      Because scratch marks arent PG enough

  • Mark Bassett (MarkyB)

    The first on the 3rd row is nice

  • Sir Will McCormick

    There is heat on Punk for talking about hockey on his own account?

  • saulewright

    So they just spent a grip on the new belt with the current logo…only to change the logo? awesome idea guys.

  • Kieran

    Those logos fucking suck

  • gkickperry

    That list of logos was, as I was originally told, the drafts for the WWE Network logo which is already final. If they change the logo for anything, it’ll probably be on the company end and not on the wrestling product. I bet the scratch logo will remain for WWE TV and wrestling products, despite the fact that the new logo is already on the WrestleMania 31 logo

  • Lilith

    holy hamsters those are awful

  • Avroneel Biswas

    I can design much better LOGOS !! As I know whats best for BUSINESS !!

  • freeman

    I could do better logos

  • WWE RaZaR

    The last one (bottom right) and the one above it are the best in my opinion, but I hope they can find someone else and try a few more options. Some of these are horrible!