Heat On The Miz After R-Truth Takes A Dangerous Fall On Raw

During the Six-Pack Challenge on Monday’s Raw SuperShow, R-Truth attempted a slingshot somersault onto The Miz but his fall was not absorbed due to the former WWE Champion being out-of-position. R-Truth ended up falling back-first onto the floor, causing his head to whip back. At that point, the referee decided R-Truth was no longer able to compete and personnel assisted him to the locker room area.

WWE.com has confirmed that R-Truth avoided serious injury after suffering the fall. PWInsider.com reports that the basic outline of the match remained the same but adjustments were made from what was initially planned.

The Miz is being blamed for the errant spot. There was a ton of heat on him from company officials, including Triple H, backstage after the show. The WWE Executive Vice President of Talent “loudly disciplined” The Miz in front of wrestlers as soon as he returned to the back.

*VIDEO* of R-Truth’s fall on Raw

source: PWInsider.com