Help Daniel Bryan Name His Finishing Move, Price Points Discussed For The WWE Network

– On Twitter Wednesday night, Daniel Bryan plugged a Bleacher Report interview he did about a month ago discussing what happened at Hell In a Cell, his relationship with Brie Bella, WWE 2K14 and more. In his tweet, Bryan mentioned fans helping him name his flying knee finisher. The options in the article are:

* The Yes Strike
* The Bearded Wizard
* Little-Big-Man Knee
* The Aberdeen Face Buster
* The Washington Wizard

Here’s the interview:

– Monthly price points for the WWE Network that have been discussed are $9.95, $12.95 or $14.95. Regarding WWE giving away WrestleMania XXX for free this year to help with Network sign-ups, they likely would not be giving away WrestleMania every year.

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  • BD

    I vote for Cattle Mutilation

    • Willey

      he already used that name

  • No Escaping Gravity

    All those names are awful.. if forced to choose, I guess I’d pick The Yes Strike.

  • Megan Fry

    I would go for Aberdeen Face Buster. Yes Strike sounds like he uses the word yes in all his moves which will just be boring, Bearded Wizard and Washington Wizard sound like names for wizards and Little-Big-Man knee sounds more of a wrestling move for midget wrestlers. Just saying my opinion here.

  • cj

    I thought it was ” Flying Goat ” or something like that ?

  • Nick Mancuso

    All these names are pretty bad. I think they just want everyone to pick Yes Strike anyway.
    I’d personally name it The Knee From Aberdeen.
    However, I think they should just keep it the same it is now…. The Move That Beat John Cena.


    The Washington Wizard

  • Luke

    Goat to Sleep! How has nobody thought of that?!

  • Willey

    I like the Aberdeen Face Buster, the Bearded Wizard and Washington Wizard implies that it is a shining wizard, when it is not, and if he ever did shave his beard, it would be weird for it to be named after his beard

  • Geronimo Jerry Cantu

    I will go with Danielson Strike!

  • That Guy

    Sort of wish he kept it what it was originally called (Busaiku Knee Kick) but since that’s not an option, the only one I like is The Aberdeen Face Buster.

  • Wut

    The Yes Strike! Seems more fitting… What’s the $14.99 plan? That seems kinda expensive better give out free ppvs then coz most of those ppvs are crap tbh.