Hercules Actor Takes A Shot At Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Over His Size

Actor Kellan Lutz, who is playing Hercules in a different movie, took a shot at Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is also playing Hercules in an upcoming movie. Lutz says he wasn’t able to get as big as The Rock did for the role. Lutz told E! News:

“I wanted to get big, but then you have The Rock playing in the other Hercules. There’s not enough ‘extra-curricular’ stuff for that.”

  • Michael F

    I could see how one might take it as roiding. But looking at Kellen Lutz maybe he was noting that the Rock is so much bigger than he is that he wouldn’t have enough time to bulk up that much.

    • Kiran Sahonta

      i agree, this is hardly a shot, nothing like a good bit of sensationalism to get people clicking