Hernandez Speaks On His Current TNA Status, LAX, Latino Gimmicks, Vince Russo & More

TNA star Hernandez was recently interviewed by the Talk TNA Podcast. Here are the highlights:

His current status with TNA: I’m just waiting for creative to come up with another storyline or angle for me. Unfortunately my partner at the time Chavo, got let go with the Feast or Fired thing which was part storyline, part real. So I guess I’m sort of in limbo right now.

Memories of LAX and teaming with Homicide: Me and Homicide are like brothers. He’s very firery, passionate and uncontrollable at times and I’m a little bit different because of my upbringing but we meshed so well. In the ring it’s like magic.

Matt Morgan’s recent retirement: It was a surprise and it wasn’t because he’s a pro wrestler but he’s young and I think he has a lot left in the tank but I can also see his point as a family man you know you have to take care of your family with a reliable source of income.

His time with Mexican America: I was scheduled to have another partner due to visa issues so they found a quick fix for me which became Anarquia. When I was first approached with the gimmick or character I wasn’t a 100% behind it considering I had just came off a highly successful LAX and to me it was sort of a knockoff but like any job if your boss says hey let’s do this or else, what are you going to do? I mean I was with some talented people with Rosita, Anarquia, and Sarita so I thought we could make it work and some levels it worked and a lot of levels it did not.

Being stereotyped to Latino gimmicks: For myself that’s why I go by my last name Hernandez because I want to represent the Latino population as much as possible so that part didn’t bother me at all. We’ve never had a big heavyweight that can throw people around like myself. We always had guys like Eddie Guerrero lie, cheat, and steal to beat people and i wanted to show people that we have a big power wrestler like a Brock Lesnar that people can get behind.

Teaming with Chavo: Chavo has a lot of different experiences, he wrestled in WCW, WWE and with his uncle Eddie so I had a lot to learn with slowing my pace down and learning true tag team wrestling because TNA is a lot different style than what Chavo does.

Not getting much mic time in his career: To be honest when LAX first happened it was just myself Homicide and Konnan who was the mouth piece. Then the circumstances behind his departure, for almost two years we had someone else talking for us and all of a sudden it was like here’s the mic guys do something. We had no tv exposure so we were unprepared for it. The few times I do get the mic I always get the point across and it gets a crowd reaction. The more times you get the mic the better your going to be obviously.

Vince Russo: I don’t see nothing wrong with him. He was the head of creative at the time so what’s the problem. I think the wrestlers personally in this day and age of television take their character way too serious. You have to let creative do their work. I’ve been very successful in TNA, did very well for my family financially so for a wrestler to overstep his boundaries and bury creative or defy them is beyond me.

Thoughts on resentment for Hogan, Bischoff and Flair’s involvement in TNA: As a child who wouldn’t want to work with them. These guys are legends. For any wrestler who doesn’t want to work with these guys is insane. As a growing company you have to try different avenues. They may not all be successful but you have to at least try and I think it was a very valiant effort that TNA gave, it just didn’t pay off like they wanted it to.

A singles run in the future: As we all get older and stuff like that we always want one chance to run with the ball. Don’t get me wrong tag wrestling is fun, I love it and it’s probably what i’m best at but anyone who tells you different is lying. I think if given the right opportunity with the right angle and right creative minds behind me, i think i can give TNA a good push because there’s never been a Latin heavyweight like myself that has the movesets that I can do.