Herschel Walker Says Batista Will Be A Beast In Strikeforce

Football legend-turned MMA rookie Herschel Walker has had a chance to train with another crossover to MMA in Dave Batista, a former WWE Superstar, and according to Walker, people may need to watch out for Batista.

Walker shared his thoughts on Batista heading to Strikeforce, the same promotion the one-time NFL legend currently calls home, and his thoughts in general on Batista as a fighter after training with him recently.

Walker stated:

“I think that’s great for Strikeforce to sign a guy like that. But I know Dave and one thing that’s great about him (is) he’s doing what I did. He went into a camp, people are talking about him fighting but they’re not talking about (how) he went into a camp. He’s over at the Gracie’s camp. He’s over there with Diaz, which I think Nick and Nate Diaz are absolutely incredible fighters. I love the way they fight. And what’s strange about it, this guy is over there training, he’s not over here talking about, “I want to be an MMA fighter,” but he’s not out there training. He’s out there training. So he’s going to be a beast. He was a beast as a professional wrestler, so he’s going to be a beast here. The guy is going to be pushing what, 265 pounds? He’s strong as an ox, so yeah, he’s going to be a beast.”