HHH Speaks On WWE’s Twitter Obsession & Working With Vince

Triple H was interviewed by The Morning Buzz over the weekend and spoke about WWE’s recent obsession with Twitter, working closely with Vince McMahon at WWE headquarters and his appearance this summer on Shawn Michaels’ hunting show.

Regarding WWE’s working relationship with Twitter, Triple H said, “You have to be at the cutting edge of that technology at all time. Kids today, they don’t watch TV like they did before. TV is almost a background device now. They’re on their phone, on their laptop, on their ipod… so that social media stuff becomes so important… Twitter and YouTube and Facebook are all just avenues to keep people involved in your product.”

HHH went on to say that while the company is embracing Twitter as a positive, equally it can also be a negative. He revealed that just the other day during a talent meeting he told everyone to be careful with their Tweets. “I said, ‘Guys, it’s not like your texting somebody. You’re putting it out to the entire world. If you wouldn’t say it on TV, don’t say it on Twitter.’”

He cited NFL football players making stupid comments every other week, and said the catch twenty-two is controlling it.

When asked about his new office role and working closely with Vince, he said he’s learned over time that when Vince is going nuts and yelling at people then it’s OK, but when you come up to him and he’s silent, then that’s very bad. Hunter also talked about his relationship with The Rock describing it as “unique” with “professional tension and weirdness.” He says they get along great today but aren’t buddies and never hung out back in the day. “We had such a professional rivalry, no matter what we did, it’s like screw him, I can do better than that.”