Hogan & Bischoff Comment On The Big TNA *Spoiler*

Warning: This article contains a MAJOR *SPOILER* for Thursday’s Impact Wrestling:

As you may have already read here on the site, James Storm captured the TNA World Title at Tuesday’s Impact taping, defeating Kurt Angle in the main event of the show.

TNA star Hulk Hogan has commented on the news of Storm’s win – and the fallout from Bobby Roode getting the rug pulled out from under him at Bound For Glory. After reports surfaced on Monday that Hulk Hogan convinced TNA management not to put the title on Roode because he’s “not ready yet” – Hogan maintains that everything is falling into place:

“Goodmorning HULKAMANIACS,can’t wait for all the Rood fans that turned to haters to see the big picture,thank God we still have real marks HH”

TNA executive Eric Bischoff also commented on the swerve of screwing Bobby Roode out of the TNA title and putting it on his former tag partner James Storm. He tweeted:

“Having a blast watching Internet marks react. Candy from a baby!”