Hogan Says He’s Shaving His Head and Mustache For Film Role

Speaking to TMZ, Hulk Hogan says he plans to shave off his trademark facial hair and skullet for a film role.

“I’m getting ready to go on some auditions. I’m getting ready to shave my head and my mustache. So that should be scary,” he told a TMZ cameraman who was waiting outside his Florida residence Wednesday.

The wrestling legend also said he feels better after undergoing dental surgery Tuesday night, which resulted in doctors removing a metal tack from his mouth and cleaning up the surrounding infection. In October he went in for dental surgery to get implants. The doctor performed a sinus graft, placing a donor bone in the mouth to support the implant. The TMZ cameraman asked Hogan where he got the donor bone.

“I think I got it from some dead… you know one of my dead ex-wrestling… aww I shouldn’t say it,” Hogan jokes.

The video and story is available here.

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