Honky Tonk Man Talks Being On Old School Raw, WrestleMania, TNA, Jerry Lawler, More

The Honky Tonk Man was on The Nick Buzzelli Show in Pittsburgh earlier this week. Below are the highlights;

Being on Old School Raw: “Very exciting and fun to do, I am glad they called me back. It had been nearly 3 years since I did anything with [WWE}. They treated me so nice, not just the front office, but also the wrestlers and everyone involved. “

On Jerry Lawler’s heart attack: “I am absolutely positive the heart attack was legitimate. My only statement on it is: was it maybe sensualized a little bit? I am not sure”

WrestleMania Weekend: “I don’t like to be a part of those WrestleMania weekends unless I am part of it with the WWE.”

His thoughts on TNA: “If WWE went out of business tomorrow, TNA would still be the #2 company”

Other topics include:
* What the problems are with TNA and who is it to blame? (Hogan, Bischoff, or Carter)
* Differences he noticed now that Triple H is taking over for Vince McMahon
* Why he turned down the WWE HoF offer in 2010, and how it hurt him politically in WWE.
* Honky Tonk Man created to be a heel
* Where Daniel Bryan’s “YES!” and “NO!” originated from3