Hornswoggle Says His Extreme Rules Match Stole The Show, Talks Fans Taking Him Serious

Hornswoggle recently spoke with PostCrescent.com to promote tonight’s WWE SmackDown tapings in Green Bay. Hornswoggle was asked when he thinks WWE fans started taking him seriously. He replied:

“Man, I still don’t think they do. I get four, five tweets literally every day saying, “Why do you still have a job?” And I guess it’s staying under the radar more than anything (laughs). I really think this whole storyline and these matches with (El) Torito has really made people look at me like, wow, he can do this. …

Before this, I really didn’t have matches. I’d wrestle a little boogeyman or I’d juggle around or use squirt guns, but now I’m having legit wrestling matches. Our WeeLC match at “Extreme Rules” stole the show. I don’t care what anyone says. It was a pre-show to the pay-per-view and I will go to bat for that match against any match that was on that night. That match stole the show because people didn’t expect what we did and the crowd tore the roof off.

New Jersey fans are the most ruthless fans in the country for booing and hating on whatever’s in the ring if they don’t like it. We had them chanting, “This is awesome” and “Holy (expletive)” the whole match. That’s when I realized I can do this. It felt so good to finally have one of those moments after eight years. It was great and I really think people are starting to take me seriously and realize that I’m more than a circus act.”

  • Monkey D. Luffy

    midget wrestling will never be anything more than a comedic thing, that’s the truth.

    As much as i hate hornswoggle, i won’t deny the surprising athleticism i saw when he stepped in the ring with El Torito, then again, i watched that match as nothing more than filler to save the suspense for the disappointing Bray Wyatt vs John Cena, i say disappointing because it really was the beginning of the end for Bray.

    • Jason

      And this.. was at extreme rules? Bray Actually won his match against Cena in that cage. His message was able to continue and spread throughout the world. So.. it wasnt disappointing. Payback on the other hand.. Cena trapping Wyatt in a box so he couldnt stand.. now THATS disappointing

      • Monkey D. Luffy

        Umm.. so how exactly did Bray win at E.R?

        The whole Wyatt family had to interfere, Cena overcame the odds as usual, made to look incredibly strong whilst Bray looked unbelievably cowardly/pathetic, it took a kid to cause Cena that loss. It’s disappointing how weak that made someone as hot and badass as Bray look

        • Jason

          The basis of it, is that The majority of Cena fans are Kids. And to see that a child was singing in a demonic voice “He’s Got the whole world in his hands” was caused as a psychological spot to play with Cena’s head. As a cult leader gimmick that Bray has, his whole deal is to get into the heads of his opponent. And still one way or another win by any means necessary. And i believe Wyatt did his part. And the cage match was based on either trapping his message for good, or having it released and spread like wild fire. It was a job well done if you think outside the box with this one.

  • Wrestling_fan

    It was a great match, no doubt. There were legit chair shots & ladders to the head, something we don’t see in “normal” wrestlers’ matches (PG era).