Hot New Photo Of WWE Diva Brie Bella Showing Off Her Booty In Tight Pants

Photo: WWE Diva Brie Bella showing off her booty in tight pants backstage at WWE RAW (1/27/14):

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  • fizzdaboi

    Where’s her booty?

  • No Escaping Gravity

    Way hotter than her sister… fake boobs are gross.

    • fizzdaboi

      She’s not hotter than her sister, they’re both hot looking twins, still about the same on looks.

      • No Escaping Gravity

        Nope. Having implants makes you uglier in more ways than just physical appearance.

        • fizzdaboi

          Oh believe me I agree with you, I just think in this case they’re both as super hot as each other as Nikki didn’t have a breasts blown up to some ridiculous size, where she’s at is pretty alright and looks near enough normal.

        • Jules Seluj

          Umm, no. Not only do implants not make you uglier, which makes absolutely no sense just so you know, but Nikki is clearly much better in bed, and that more than makes up for the implants.

  • Raihan Khan

    booty is the sexiest part