How Did Dolphins1925 Do with Battleground?, Shutdown Means No WWE for Troops, Hardy

– Reddit user Dolphins1925 correctly predicted the WWE Battleground results except for the main event. He predicted Randy Orton would win the match with a twist. He did not predict the Santino Marella and The Great Khali vs. Jack Swagger and Antonio Cesaro match, which was added at the last minute.

– The current United States government shutdown means that the Armed Forces Network has also been shut down. Our troops overseas were not able to watch the week’s WWE TV shows, including Battleground, which is shown for free. There was also no NFL football shown yesterday.

– Some of the guests at Matt Hardy and Reby Sky’s wedding over the weekend were MVP, Luke Gallows, Scotty 2 Hotty, Gunner, Steve Corino and many others.


    Who is Dolphins1925?

    • Carlos

      No one important. Just some guy on Reddit who posts spoilers for PPV’s.

    • Big_Heat_34

      In his own words (which I’m giving from memory because I don’t care enough to actually look it up), he’s a Redditor with a friend who has an “inside source” with WWE. This source has been leaking PPV results and stuff, and Dolphins1925 started posting the leaks to try and prove to WWE that there was a security problem within the company because everything got spoiled. IIRC, Dolphins1925 was 100% on every PPV after WrestleMania, until Night of Champions (he said ADR would win over RVD, but RVD won by DQ) and now last night’s main event. Outside of those two matches, dude seems to know everything. The ADR/RVD thing was probably changed last minute, since either way ADR was leaving with the belt; and last night was such a giant clusterf**k that I don’t think ANYONE could have seen that coming.

      tl;dr – he’s the guy who’s got WWE trying to actively swerve the audience now.