How John Cena Hopes To Hush His Critics, More Backstage News On Kaitlyn Leaving WWE

– John Cena spoke to at the WWE Network announcement in Las Vegas earlier this week and said he was proud of the recent 481 pound lift he tweeted about because it came just four months after surgery. Cena said he touted the lift because he wanted to hush the critics who said he came back too early and wasn’t ready.

– Regarding Kaitlyn’s WWE departure, as reported, she just got tired of WWE not using her. Apparently she asked for her release several months ago but WWE officials told her to hang on because they had something in mind for her but that never came to fruition. Word is that Kaitlyn is not looking to wrestle on the independent scene but is open to doing conventions and appearances.

Photos: Hot Shots Of Kaitlyn Working Out

  • trevwinters

    Once again the writing staff at the WWE lets a great talent go because they have no clue what in the hell they are doing….I don’t blame her for leaving, after awhile ya just gotta say, “F-U, I am outta here.”

    • Jevonte Marquis Gore

      It’s a known fact that they can’t create a Divas storyline that don’t involve the title.

  • Jevonte Marquis Gore


  • Tyreke

    Of course katlin would want to leave she hase’nt had the divas campionship in

  • tobimobi

    Kaitlyn sucks no wonder they weren’t using her.

  • cj

    I don’t blame Kaitlyn, after she lost the title, and the match with Ziggler at Summerslam in August, she was rarely seen until November at Survivor Series. I understand she was frustrated after being promised something but when you look on tv, it’s total diva’s in spotlight. Even though me personally I would’ve stuck around cause you’re getting paid regardless lol but yeah, I don’t blame her.

  • Mic Wazowski

    It’s not hard to write a story line without the titles… I completely blame total divas