How Many Superstars Are In This Year’s MITB Ladder Match?, New Video With Eden & Cody

– It’s been reported elsewhere that there won’t be but 6 participants in the Money In the Bank Ladder Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title later this month but our correspondent at Tuesday night’s tapings notes that WWE confirmed there will be 7 Superstars in the match. Last year’s match for the WWE Title contract had 6 participants only because Kane was pulled from the match. The final 2 participants for this year’s match should be determined on Monday’s RAW from Cleveland.

– Brandi “Eden” Rhodes’ latest video blog features a look at her life on the road with husband Cody Rhodes:

  • Jason

    Yes there was 7 black shadow spots to determine 7 stars to be apart of this match. and in my estimation since kane was pulled from last years match and was determined as the number 1 contender if daniel bryan could compete, i think kane should take that final spot. Cena sure as hell shouldnt because of the spot that happened a week ago when he got on the bad side of the authority. with the whole stephanie thing.

    • Latoya

      I don’t know, they probably will add Cena to it since they’re pretty much making a replica of the All-Star MITB. They haven’t even started announcing any other matches to really see who else isn’t a possibility, guess Raw will decide all that.

    • Ronnie

      Why wouldn’t they put Cena in? There’s like 3 open slots still open to fill. It’s not like he’s gonna have a separate match if Kane is in it too.

      • Jason

        its really storyline based. after a week ago when cena interrupted stephanie. and since this is steph’s match, she tried to example how daniel bryans absence would benefit himself but he continue to insult her so therefore if they play it the right way the authority wont allow him in. and plus since Triple H wants the shield dead and Cena teaming with them to keep it alive im thinking Cena is going to become a torn in their side, so Cena is the next target to make his life a living hell from the Authority.

  • jmull

    They need to figure it out quick because the build to the PPV has been shit.