How Many Viewers Does Ring Of Honor Wrestling Have? Kevin Steen Farewell Speech

– In their investors presentation at the end of last month, Sinclair Broadcasting, the largest telecommunications company in America and the parent owners of Ring of Honor, released figures for viewership in 2013, including those for Ring of Honor. In the report, it is said that across all 72 channels ROH’s Ring of Honor Wrestling program airs on, it obtained an average of 300,000 viewers a week last year, beating many local news broadcasts. These figures are seen as somewhat surprising considering ROH doesn’t air in their key markets such as New York, Philadelphia and Chicago. To see the investors presentation, click here.

– After his match at Ring of Honor’s Aftershock event in Hopkins, Minnesota, Kevin Steen gave a farewell speech. This coming weekend is his final for the company.

  • Joe Vernola

    Phoenix is the 8th largest television market in the nation and it’s not available here either.