Howard Finkel Talks Favorite WrestleMania, Celebs, More

Published On 03/30/2011 | By Staff | News

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Finkel on his favorite celebrity to work with and celebrity involvement at WrestleMania: “Where do I begin. Of course, Muhammad Ali. At that time, he was to boxing what Hulk Hogan was to wrestling. Years to years, I worked with Joan Rivers in 1986 and enjoyed meeting her. Donald Trump – how could you go wrong with Donald Trump. What an entrepreneur he is and a class-act that he was. A lot of these celebrities were fans – some weren’t. But once many of them ‘got the rub’ from the WWE/F machine, they became fans from then on”

On how unique WrestleMania is as an event and why it continues to deliver: “It’s classified as ‘expecting the unexpected.’ There is no other event – on the face of this Earth, in my humble opinion – that can give you bang-for-your-buck every year, consistently. You want the very best of events – in entertainment – it’s WrestleMania.”

What the Fink felt was his defining moment in his career and at WrestleMania: “Personally, WrestleMania 3 – Pontiac Silverdome, 1987. To stand in the middle of the ring and look around at 93,173 people looking down at us – myself, and the WWF superstars, that was the greatest moment for me. And just to know all those people were there to have a good time and I had to perform – to ring announce – for those people…that’ll never happen again. I don’t think I’ll ever work in front of crowds that huge – that ‘landmarkish’ – ever again. I was absolutely filled with pride for Vince (McMahon) on that day.”

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