Huge Fairwell For Edge After SD Tapings; Speech & More

After the Smackdown taping in Albany, NY ended, Christian and Edge embraced and gave the crowd a “Five second pose.”

This led to the entire WWE roster in attendance from Triple H on down came out on the ramp to pay tribute to Edge. Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and eventually Triple H joined Edge and Christian. I was told it was awesome and the crowd loved it.

Edge gave a long “Hall of Fame induction” style speech to the live crowd, thanking everyone from the ring crew to catering on down. He specifically pointed out Kane as one of his closest friends in the business next to Christian. He thanked Lita and Vickie Guerrero. He joked to the fans that they needed to get their minds out of the gutter when it came to Lita “even though we really did do it.”

Edge said he was going home to vacation and lay low and play with his dogs.

The fans chanted “Hall of Fame” at Edge. I was told it was a really emotional affair and really put a nice cap on the end of Edge’s career.

WWE cameras were filming everything so it’s possible it could be posted on the WWE website.

Source: PWInsider