Wild Talk Radio Network & PWMania.com Announce Partnership


The Wild Talk Radio Network (www.wildtalkradio.com) & PW Mania (www.pwmania.com) are proud to announce a Brand New Partnership starting this Monday(July 23rd, 2012). Starting July 23,2012 the Wild Talk Radio Network’s Daily Webcasts will become the Official Webcasts of PWMania.com.

This exciting new partnership will allow all the programming that Wild Talk Radio Network has to offer to be experienced by the readers of PWMania.com. Readers of PWMania.com will be able to listen to live programming based around the World of Pro Wrestling Five Days a week, along with other original programming as well. These programs will allow the readers of PWMania to talk about their favorite Wrestling Shows the same night as they air, which includes programming following both Monday Night RAW & TNA’s Impact Wrestling, along with programming that will air right after every WWE & TNA Wrestling Pay Per View. The readers of PWMania will also be able to hear interviews with the biggest names from Past & Present in the World of Pro Wrestling as well.

The Goal of this partnership is to provide the readers of PWMania a new outlet for their Wrestling Content, beyond the great news & opinions they read on PWMania on a Daily Basis. This will allow fans of both Websites the opportunity to interact with one another and talk about the one thing everyone is a fan of, Pro Wrestling.

Featured WTR Programming:

Wrestle Talk Radio

Every Sunday Night at 10pm ET, the Evolution of Online Sports Entertainment, Wrestle Talk Radio, brings you the most informative coverage of Pro Wrestling on the internet today. Wrestle Talk Radio gives three different perspectives of Pro Wrestling which include the perspective of a Promoter, a Wrestler and a fan. Wrestle Talk Radio also provides full coverage of every single WWE & TNA Pay Per View Event, which includes full post show results, insight and analysis.

RAW Post Show

Every Monday Night at 11:30pm ET,the panel of hosts recap everything that goes down on that week’s edition of WWE Monday Night RAW.The Panel of Hosts also give their thoughts and opinions on the show, along with sharing the opinions from those in the listening audience.

Kayfabe Wrestling Radio

Every Tuesday Night at 9pm ET, Host Alan Wojcik is joined by members of the Wild Talk Radio Network along with members of the National Media to cover all the latest news in WWE, TNA, ROH, WSU & other Independent Wrestling Companies. Every week listeners will hear an interview or two with stars of the present as well as the legends that paved the trail.

Just Another God D*mn Rasslin’ Show

Every Wednesday Night at 8:30pm ET, its a show where they talk about current topics in Pro Wrestling with a rotating panel of guests known as The Cheap Wood Paneling, add a dash of pop culture references, and geek humor, and this show adds up to…just another wrestling show!

The Rack

Every Thursday Night at 11pm ET, we provide you with a show from the voice of the Pro Wrestling Fan. Its a show full of discussion about the World of Pro Wrestling, from all the latest news and topics from the past to present. Also featuring a complete and in-depth recap of that night’s TNA Impact Wrestling Show.

CB Radio

Every Saturday Night at Midnight ET, The Late Night Radio Show known as CB Radio is a show with No Conversational Limit. Subjects including Pro Wrestling, Sports, Music, Movies to the Weird, Wacky & Unusual. These topics lead to some very unique, strange and interesting conversations about

the news of the world.

WTR Riffs

Our Featured Video Podcast, as we provide a comedic aspect to the world of pro wrestling,. As we riff some of the Best & Worst Moments in the history of Pro Wrestling.

All Wild Talk Radio Network Program Airs live and is podcasted the next day incase you miss the programming live. All live WTR Programming features an interactive chatroom located at http://www.wildtalkradio.com/chat.php. We thrive on your interaction, so dont be afraid to be apart of our chatroom.

Our Social Media Platform

Beyond our live programming, you can interact with the hosts of Wild Talk Radio Network on Facebook & Twitter. As our goal is to be interactive with all of our fans, so please take a moment & follow us on our Social Media Platforms.



Both the Wild Talk Radio Network & PWMania are pleased to be bringing this to you, the loyal readers of PWMania and the loyal listeners of Wild Talk Radio Network.