Hulk Hogan Comments On Recent Workouts, WWE Divas On The Steve Harvey Show, Big E Langston

– It was recently reported that Hulk Hogan has been training like crazy for a potential WWE return. Hogan tweeted about his workouts:

– Big E Langston recently did an interview with the Bucky’s 5th Quarter website about his time with WWE and his college football days.

– The Bella Twins, Cameron and Naomi will be appearing on The Steve Harvey Show this Tuesday, November 5th to promote WWE Total Divas. Here’s a photo from the episode:

  • The Knight of Truth

    I hate TNA for tarnishing both Hogan and Flair’s legacy!!!!

    • Kiran Sahonta

      they did that themselves

      • The Knight of Truth

        Not in the case of Flair. In Flair’s case they made him lose to guys like Jay Lethal, get beaten by Earl Hebner and made him second best to Hulk Hogan. Remember Sting had to beat Flair to get to face Hogan at BFG 2011? I still remember Sting saying: ” To get to him, I will go through you.” Sadly that match ended being Flair’s last match….

        • Christopher Clinton

          Jay Lethal is a big money player- Ric Flair