Hulk Hogan Denies Reports, Mark Henry Wearing Sling (Photo), WWE Going After YouTube Content

Published On 01/09/2014 | By Staff | News

– Hulk Hogan says he was not in Las Vegas for WWE’s Network announcement Wednesday night. He tweeted the following late Wednesday night:

– As soon as the WWE Network announcement was over Wednesday night, WWE began taking down fan-uploaded content on YouTube, according to two fans who e-mailed us.

– To keep with the storylines, WWE had Mark Henry wear a sling at Wednesday night’s Network event. Here’s a photo:

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  • saulewright

    I wonder why he’s carrying on with this. There aren’t any plans for him to get revenge on Brock, and having him legit off TV yet AGAIN after just coming back seems like a terrible idea.

    • fizzdaboi

      They do it for the pop every time he comes back and because he got stale, it’s a good idea in some cases, when they get boring, take them off for a while then bring them back in beast mode.

      • saulewright

        More to my point, beast mode his last few returns lasts like a month. They already said that there is no plans on a Brock vs Henry program so why have him carry it out. Henry was a MAJOR star during his title run and major vs Cena. He doesn’t need a momentary pop, he gets it whenever he comes in. Even with this bald return, fans love him. Now he’s gone yet again. It’s just bad booking.

        • fizzdaboi

          You’re right I guess but IMO they didn’t bring him back right him being bald and this might be the chance to do it properly.

          • saulewright

            How? Coming back from a broken arm by a monster who was previously at home watching… And not allowing him to face the guy that broke his arm?

          • fizzdaboi

            Well his arm wasn’t legit broken, so it can’t be that hard for them to create a program between Henry/Lesnar. They can fight at WM with Lesnar going over, not hard, Lesnar lost last year and Henry won so they can flip roles this year.

          • saulewright

            You’re missing the entire problem with this. They have already stated that there are NO plans for the program. Henry was a sacrifice for Brock used to set up Show vs. Brock. That’s what my problem is with it. If you’re going to have a program with them, then I get it, but there isn’t. So this makes no sense to me. Having the guy that is “bent on destruction” get shelved and not seek revenge makes no sense.

          • fizzdaboi

            Okay, I see what you’re saying now and maybe we’ll just have to watch and see

  • wweforfee

    wwe are becoming a bunch of fucking assholes everybody should be able watch and see there content for free why are they doing this there being selfish and greedy and i don’t like that it pisses me off.

    • Deanf’nambrosebitch!

      They are killing off the stream wrestling culture and forcing everyone to pay thus increasing their revenue, if it works of course.
      This will happen in most facets of life very soon so get used to it. And if u haven’t got one, get a job. ;-)