Hulk Hogan & His Lawyer Respond To Sex Tape (Audio)

Hulk Hogan spoke to TMZ on Wednesday and made his first public comments regarding the video tape out there that allegedly features the Hulkster getting freaky with a random woman he had an “encounter” with 5 years ago.

Hogan claims that when he got divorced from his ex-wife Linda 5 years ago, he had a 4-5 month period before he met his new wife Jennifer when he was “out of his mind” – getting drunk and crazy with a lot of young ladies.

Hogan has no idea who the woman in the sex tape could be – and strongly questions her motivations for secretly taping their tryst and now coming forward out of the blue after 5 years later.

A TMZ staffer who said he saw the tape says the tape does seem old and appears to be security footage from inside a home.

Hogan’s lawyer said they plan to block the release of the tape. In the state of Florida, it is a felony to release a tape of this nature without consent from both parties (ie. Hogan).

“If anyone goes forward with this thing, we’re gonna find ’em and we’re gonna prosecute.”

Here’s the footage of Hulk Hogan on TMZ Live from Wednesday afternoon talking about the infamous sex tape:

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