Hulk Hogan On WWE Supporting NWO Reunion, Feud With Bret Hart

Hulk Hogan appeared on The Apter Chat with hosts Josh Shernoff and Bill Apter. To promote the October 27th’s NWO reunion. Here are the highlights (H/T to Wrestlezone).

Grievances With Scott Hall and Kevin Nash:

“Scott and Kevin were hanging out and we just started talking and we said, ‘Man, we just, we’ve never, like, been in a hair salon, like the girls getting into arguments. We’ve never sat around in a circle and aired our grievances out. I said, ‘I know you guys didn’t like me when I first got in the NWO. That was quite apparent. We got to be friends; but, we’ve never really aired our shorts out in front of everybody.’ So, I think the Q&A can be kind of crazy. We’ve never done it in twenty years.”

WWE Supporting The Q&A:

“We’ve got the full support of the WWE. The WWE is in full support, so it’s a really cool thing. A lot of people were thinking, ‘Oh, Hogan, you’re gonna get in trouble for using the NWO.’ Vince [McMahon] was very gracious and accommodating. It’s a new day. Everything is really good.”

Why Bret Hart Feud In WCW Never Quite Caught On:

“We tried. I mean, we did everything. We put the belt on him. I put him over. I wrestled him a bunch of times. It’s just you’re in the ring with somebody and I know Bret wasn’t in the best physical shape back then. I think he’s coming off that stroke or something. I’m not exactly sure what happened. He fell off his bicycle or something. Maybe I’ve got my time frames confused. I can’t remember. It’s been so long. All I know is Bret came in, paid him a ton of money, all smiles, hugs, kisses, the whole thing, put him over, did jobs for him, put the belt on him. I don’t know what else we could have done. I don’t know bro. I tap out on that one.”