Hulk Hogan Puts Over TNA Writers, Kurt Angle Promotes Olympic Wrestling, Impact Video Promo

– Hulk Hogan tweeted the following about TNA’s writing team:

“Never thought I would have so much respect for 2 BAD ASS writers that really get it! Matt Conway/Dave Lagana,thank u so much,it’s an honorHH”

Hogan also noted that he’ll be at his Hogan’s Beach Shop on Easter Sunday at 4PM for a “no prisoners” Easter egg hunt.

– TNA star Kurt Angle was recently interviewed by the Boston Globe about saving Olympic Wrestling.

– TNA has released the following promo video for the 4/11 Corpus Christi, TX Impact Wrestling tapings:

  • Breanna_Monique

    Hogan’s never put anyone over. Give him a shovel and he’ll show you how to bury someone though.