Hulk Hogan Reportedly Paid Late By TNA, TNA Wrestlers Sending Feelers To WWE, Doc Latest

– reported how there have been issues with talents, office workers and vendors getting paid late by TNA. One source has confirmed reports of Hulk Hogan being paid late at one point. Although pay issues have not affected every single person in the company, many were affected.

– Many talents in TNA are not happy about what’s going on and some have reportedly sent feelers to WWE officials through friends.

– Regarding Doc, he was scheduled to turn babyface and feud with Mr. Anderson. There’s some speculation that Doc may be brought back eventually.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

  • Linda Partington

    I think we should all Stay Calm And Watch Impact Wrestling! I have heard rumours that some people who have recently been dropped will be re-hired tonight and some new faces will liven things up on a temporary basis. I certainly hope the fans’ concerns will be satisfied by the events which will unfold in the next few weeks.